José Romero: This was my adaptation period and was amazing with this gear, But we are looking for boards yet so we dont want to be faster and keep the boards which goes good for me (1.85m and 65 kg)

– About the sail: its a sail light, force, a lot of confortable for surf and for the receptions of the jumps too. have a big range and you can rig the same sail for differents conditions.

– About the spots:

Mosca: Its a difficult spot with big conditions. Have a big reef and you need to have a great control or you can destroy your gear. (see 1,46 min).

Pozo: Was epic this November, with bigs waves but with winds more slowly than summer. (see 2,47m : the wind was to North and i crash a lot in jumps but its good, we need to train with diferents conditions).

Ojos de Garza: Was biig too (2.53m), better for jumps than Pozo but for surf was crazy. A very big short break.