Music: Yes, «Looking Around»
Edition: Emilio Galindo Barquín
Footage: María Andrés and Güabe Team, the subjective views come from the K4 Harness Mount and Miqueas
GoPro Hero3+ and Mario Cachucha Team filmed the freestyle bits.
Cover: Photo by Alberto Galices.
Locations: Caños, Faro, Alvor, Conil and Sancti Petri.
Simply the best wave winter season we ever had in the south of spain, super big days mixed with fun ones. Like the old times that my father always spoke about, that’s it, Vintage Winter. But I don’t have the best days in camera… Of course nobody was filming the good days, so the footage shown is mostly from two days of marginal wind, 4.7 and no planning out of the wave. Caños 8 – 11 knts sideon starboard tack, and Faro 10 – 14 knts sideoff port tack, both filmed by my lovely María. The subjective action is also another fun day at Caños with no wind but clean and perfect two meters waves.
Praying for a similar winter in 2015… Because this summer has been disastrous, two days of wind in total.
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