AMPLIAR FOTOIn the Canary Islands there exist numerous of places for the practice of windsurfing and the Surf. In the Island of Gran Canaria, that is where I live, are two Beaches well known in the world, that has been and still is the host to world cup waves and freestyle competitions every summer,they are The Beach of Vargas in the municipality of Agüimes and the one of Pozo Izquierdo.

But beside from these two beaches there are many more, some little are known and others still are about to discover. For that reason I usually move every day to do what I like more, Windsurf or surf and to look for the best conditions of wind and waves in the Canary Islands. Last week I had the luck to score one of the Secret Spots. With perfect conditions of waves and wind.

These places keep a mystery for the Surfers and the windsurfer. It’s a spot with normally very few or no people at all in the water,why is that? So In those moments that you watching the wave breaking perfectly,it crosses your mind thousands of thoughts and questions without answer and it gets your adrenalin pumping and until you enter in the water and you verify by yourself the conditions of the spot you do not obtain the answers.

The Secret Spot are places little known, with difficult access and have certain danger. But this only happens a few times that we could count with the fingers of a hand. With all certainty many of us have crossed in front of one of these Secret Spot without any idea that it is there.

In these photos you can see the quality of the wave and the wind. ?asino vavada provides quality service, takes care of each client. Everyone has the right to communicate with technical support to find an answer to a question, learn about upcoming events, and get a link to a working mirror. There are several ways to communicate with operators: online chat, Skype, phone number, email – The virgin sites of the Island are already very few. Where its possible to enjoy the freedom that Mother Nature offers, with the sea, the wind and the waves. To practice a so clean and pretty sport as Windsurfing and Surfing.
Unfortunately Gran Canaria is an overpopulated Island were many places have been destroyed. Also the promotion of the Activities that are associated to a very big tourist sector.
For that reason becomes difficult to find a place like this.

To be able to find a Secret Spot as this is in the island it is much luck
To be able to Sail alone all the day and to classify the best wave without any type of pressure on the part of other rider are a unique sensation. For me these are the best days of the year.

A few times happened to me windsurfing in a Secret Spot with good conditions and only two or three friends enjoying to the max, And then finish the day very relaxed and without problems in your mind.

Meanwhile there is a person that sails in some very well-known beach not very far from us. With good conditions but very crowded in the water that could finish making you nervous. It is for that reason to leave the Secret Spot in the anonymity the maximum of time possible that is important.
In order to be able to enjoy the greater freedom. Until the day arrives which published the name and the Secret Spot loose its anonymity with time make a very well-known and concurred place like many other . But the good thing of this sport is that there always will be more places to discover. Since a wave is not created, …it can be discovered …

By Marcos Pérez E-7