Micah Buzianis USA 34 - Neilpryde and JP AustraliaJP Australia (JP) and NeilPryde Windsurfing (NPW) are pleased to announce that world class racer Micah Buzianis has joined the JP and NPW International Team.

Micah Buzianis (USA 34), born in Denver, Colorado but now living in Maui, Hawaii, is an accomplished and experienced racer who has consistently achieved outstanding results in throughout his career including the rare feat of holding 3 consecutive world titles:
2004 Formula World Champion, 2005 IFCA Racing World Champion and 2005 PWA Slalom 42 World Champion.

Micah Buzianis USA 34 - Neilpryde and JP AustraliaMr. Neil Pryde commented: “Having a rider of Micah’s caliber join NeilPryde at this time adds to the strength of our race team, his experience will contribute significantly to our development and testing process and we look forward to seeing Micah achieve more great results in the years to come”

Micah Buzianis had this to say about his move: “I could not be happier about my new home in windsurfing. I have always really liked what JP and NeilPryde do, from marketing, to testing, to team management, product development. Both teams are always giving it 110%. Finally this year it came about where I had the opportunity to join NeilPryde and JP and I immediately jumped at the chance head first!!!”

Micah Buzianis USA 34 - Neilpryde and JP Australia“I am 100% convinced that Robert Stroj from NeilPryde and Werner Gnigler from JP are the best and most professional designers around. I enjoy working with those guys – together we are a winning team. Our shared main goal is to win the Slalom World Title for the next two years.”

“Right after I joined JP, I was able to do the final approval for the Second JP Slalom Board Generation which is coming out now and which I will be racing on in 2006. I have also been involved in the test program for the new X9 mast from NeilPryde. Together with the new RS:6 sail and the new JP Slalom boards it’s an unbeatable combination.”

NeilPryde and JP welcome Micah to the team.