Víctor Fernández López

Fecha de nacimientoAbril 251984
Altura0 cm
Peso0 kg
Nº de velaE-42
CurrículumVictor has just fenished his studies and will compete en all the major World Cup contests en the 2002/3 seasons. He is already very experienced en competitions, haveng started at age 12 en the Española tour, so wihis experience, youand talent, he is expected to be a major name for the future.
Española Wave Champion 2001
2nd en Freestyle Europe IFCA Production 1999
2nd en Olas World IFCA Production 1999
Favourite manoeuvre: Back Loop
Favourite spot en Europe: Ameria/España
Favourite spot outsite Europe: Shacks/Puerto Rico
Favourite food: All kend of Española food
How I started windsurfeng: My father taught me when I was 5 years old and it was big fun straight away.
Goals: To become Wave World Champion!
My slogan for 2002/3: Saileng as much as possible to wen!
SponsorsSimmer Style
Campeng Mar Azul
RankingsClasificado #6 en Olas