This is the official full movie when Max Matissek joined Philip Soltysiak on a Windsurfing Into the Unknown adventure on Vancouver Island, Canada. Joined by Phil’s younger brother Tom, they camped and searched for windsurfing spots few have ever heard of in the summer of 2013.

The two professional windsurfers and seasoned travelers have been to some of the best windsurfing destinations around the world, and it was now a chance for Canada’s West Coast to prove it’s worthiness as a destination for adventure windsurfers. The trip took the riders from Jordan River and Gordon’s Beach, across to Port Renfrew, into Lake Cowichan and Nitinat Lake, to Port Alberni and finishing off on the Pacific coast in Tofino. All the while the team camped in the island’s Pacific Temperate Rain Forest, cooking and keeping warm with a campfire, and trying to keep wildlife away from their food.

Special thanks to Lake Alliance for the editing:

Jordan River, Gordon Beach, Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, Lake Cowichan, Nitinat Lake, Port Alberni, Tofino

Music by:
Sera Cahoone – Nervous Wreck, Michael Lindren/Linden Tree – Hey Bird, Beat by TOXZ ( – Turn it up
FB page: http://www.windsurfingintotheunknown….

Enjoy the movie!!