The Yard (2015) — For hundreds of years, natural elements attract human beings. Even in the 21st century, there is some kind of lure out in the wild nature, which easy takes people away from the big cities and provides them with a whole new meaning, a new love and a new life. «The Yard» is an artistic documentary, a film which tells a simple, though wonderful story.

It’s a story about different people and how they managed to link their lives with the ocean and its huge waves. Such people are the protagonists of the film, they are heroes who were attracted by the ocean and allowed its magic lure to totally alter their lives.

Wind Channel —

Sergey Gilgenberg & Dmitry Bogdanov

Seva Shulgin Helga Shoshina

Vladimir Kalinin

Seva Shulgin Keith Teboul Boujmaa Guilloul Sergey Zavershinskiy

Helga Shoshina
Anastasia Dolmatova
Andreas Glavas